Bittrex’s ADA wallet is up and running once again, processing deposits and withdrawals with the required updates to Cardano

Bittrex’s ADA wallet is finally up and running again, handling a smooth deposit and withdrawal service for the required new updates for Cardano. Prior to this commendable event, Richie Lai, Co-Founder and CEO of Bittrex congratulated on Twitter.

Bittrex’s ADA wallet is back up again

After the announcement, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, promptly told members of the community about the critical and long-awaited update to the Bittrex wallet. He described it as “the oldest and most broken of all wallets,” some very outdated and lousy code.

According to Hoskinson, the code in question involved engineers who were no longer working on the project, making it extremely difficult to update the code.

Of course, Bittrex wallet users are no longer strangers to the problems it has encountered in the past. In fact, many Reddit users have expressed their concerns about the shortcomings of Bittrex. Some people claim that they only used it due to the inaccessibility of Binance and Kraken in their location.

The urgent shortage associated with the ADA wallet update is also emphasized.

In it, a user shares the following:

“Bittrex is taking longer to update Cardano to Shelley than any other exchange. While I can understand some delay, I condemn them for a total lack of communication. We deserve some updates. Currently, they have millions of ADA locked up and no word on how long before release. VERY poor customer service.”

Cardano Maintenance from r/Bittrex

Indeed, the new tech update is a combined effort by the developers of Bittrex and Cardano, much requested as Cardano is preparing to enter a new Era. In just five days, the network will continue to move to 38% decentralization.

While these updates to Bittrex are incredibly essential, they are not Bittrex-specific, but commonplace. As a result, every Daedalus wallet user will benefit from the updates deployed in the future. Exchanges that have moved to Shelley already have much better infrastructure than ones on Byron as usage and extensions on Cardano will see a smoother transition for Goguen.

In a rapidly growing ecosystem, extended downtime for infrastructure upgrades is not well received by users. Hence, the lesson in the present case can be the importance of consistency in the exchange update process.

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