bitsCrunch Unveils Comprehensive Solana Analytics, Boosting NFT Ecosystem

In a groundbreaking development, bitsCrunch has announced the full indexing of all Solana blockchain blocks, marking a significant achievement in its 2024 roadmap. This initiative, positions bitsCrunch at the forefront of blockchain analytics by offering detailed analytics and forensic services for NFT projects, marketplaces, gaming ventures, and brands within the Solana ecosystem.

The expansion of bitsCrunch’s AI-powered capabilities, including NFT price estimation and IP infringement detection, now fully supports Solana-based projects. Vijay Pravin, the Founder and CEO of bitsCrunch, expressed his enthusiasm for the announcement, stating, “Today’s announcement is a robust validation of the bitsCrunch value proposition by a leading and fast-evolving platform, reinforcing our commitment to decentralizing blockchain analytics.” He highlighted the growing interest from prominent Web3 investors and venture capitalists, reflecting the company’s rapid growth trajectory.

The announcement follows the successful launch of bitsCrunch’s Delegation Incentive Program, which encourages $BCUT token holders to delegate their tokens to network operators. This strategy not only enhances the network’s security but also allows token holders to earn significant rewards. The delegated tokens contribute to the network’s decentralization, increasing its resilience against attacks and manipulation. Moreover, the rewards for token holders are automatically staked, facilitating the compounding of their earnings.

The BCUT token has gained considerable traction, with listings on major exchanges such as ByBit, KuCoin, Gate.io, Crypto.com, CoinList, CoinList Pro, Uniswap, and Bitpanda.

The bitsCrunch Advantage

Distinguishing itself from basic analytics, bitsCrunch offers sophisticated, deep-dive analytics and forensics for NFTs and digital assets. The company leverages advanced AI models to analyze not only transactions but also the intricate details of NFT images, providing a comprehensive view of the digital asset landscape.

Targeted Solutions for Diverse Segments

  • NFT Marketplaces and Aggregators: bitsCrunch equips platforms with extensive metrics, including market analytics, metadata, historical sales data, and listings, empowering them with the tools necessary for success.
  • NFT Lending Protocols: The company’s AI-driven NFT Price Estimation tool, combined with detailed market metrics and metadata, provides lending platforms with a sophisticated understanding of asset-related risks.
  • Gaming Projects: bitsCrunch’s advanced gaming analytics offer in-depth wallet behavior analysis and on-chain usage statistics, aiding in user acquisition and identifying potential issues.
  • NFT Projects Across Sectors: From PFPs to renowned brands like Nike, bitsCrunch’s AI models protect intellectual property rights, ensuring creators maintain control over their digital assets.

This strategic move by bitsCrunch is set to empower the Solana ecosystem, providing stakeholders with the insights and tools needed to navigate the complex world of NFTs and digital assets effectively.

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