BitMEX Makes Lunar History: Sending Bitcoin to the Moon!

The cosmos is about to witness a historic event, marking a significant leap for both cryptocurrency and space exploration. BitMEX, the crypto derivatives exchange, is preparing to send Bitcoin to the lunar surface, slated to occur on January 8, 2024, at 02:18 am ET. This pioneering mission, in collaboration with Astrobotic, Bitcoin Magazine, and Oxcart Assembly, aims to showcase the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in establishing a financial system beyond Earth’s boundaries.

Key Highlights:

  • Groundbreaking Partnership: BitMEX’s venture joins forces with Astrobotic, Bitcoin Magazine, and Oxcart Assembly to advance the integration of cryptocurrency and space exploration.
  • Symbol of Innovation: The payload, a 43-gram physical Bitcoin carrying 1 BTC (valued at approximately US$45,000 as of January 8, 2024), is set to land on the Moon’s surface aboard the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Vulcan rocket and Peregrine-1, a commercial lunar lander. The anticipated arrival date is February 23, 2024.
  • Live Broadcast and Engagement: A live broadcast during the 7-week lunar orbit phase will be accessible on NASA TV, offering a unique opportunity for individuals to witness this historic event.

BitMEX CEO Stephan Lutz emphasized the significance of this mission, describing the Bitcoin on the Moon as a time capsule, encapsulating human innovation and technological advancement. He envisions this as the inaugural step toward establishing a monetary system for a space economy.

Quotes from Key Figures:

Stephan Lutz, BitMEX CEO, expressed his excitement about this monumental leap, saying, “Perfectly preserved for future generations, the Bitcoin on the Moon is a time capsule that captures one of the most significant human innovations and technological advancements. This decisive leap forward is just the beginning of a new era.”

Ben Usinger, BitMEX’s Head of Community and a driving force behind the initiative, expressed excitement about the launch. “We’re thrilled by this milestone, made possible through the dedication of partners who, like us, are committed to pushing the boundaries of exploration. Our goal is to inspire a new wave of innovators and pioneers, encouraging the convergence of technology and finance to unlock new frontiers. By nurturing a future where cryptocurrency and space exploration intertwine, we aim to pave the way for venturing into uncharted territories, propelling Bitcoin’s evolution beyond the confines of Earth.”

Unique Offering to the Community:

BitMEX’s physical Bitcoin stands amongst 201 payloads, including contributions from governments, companies, universities, and NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services initiative. It will bear a public address and a private key, becoming the first financial asset to grace the lunar surface.

The coin will reside on the Moon alongside Peregrine, inviting the crypto community and future generations to interact with it. BitMEX invites individuals to send personal messages and their own satoshis to the Moon, both from Earth and beyond, symbolizing the bridging of terrestrial and extraterrestrial financial systems.

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