BitMEX Halts Activities Temporarily, But Resolves Issue Within 20 Minutes

BitMEX experienced a temporary halt in all its activities on Mar. 13. The exchange made an announcement on its website stating that it had identified an issue that had suspended all trading and activated cancel-only mode.

BitMEX promised to work on implementing a fix and publish updates as necessary. The exchange also assured its customers that all funds remained safe during the outage.

Within 20 minutes, BitMEX was able to solve the issue and resumed trading at 14:18 UTC. The exchange published an update stating that trading had resumed and all systems were working as usual. BitMEX also apologized for any inconvenience caused and reminded users to contact support with any further questions.

BitMEX has had its share of controversies, including facing charges from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission for violating anti-money laundering and derivatives trading regulations. Despite these issues, BitMEX remains a popular platform for traders and investors.

The temporary halt in trading may have caused some concerns among BitMEX’s users, but the swift resolution of the issue and the assurance that all funds remained safe is likely to restore confidence in the platform. Traders and investors can continue to use BitMEX’s services without worry, knowing that the exchange is working to provide a secure and reliable trading environment.

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