Ethereum (ETH) London Hard Fork and Impact on BitMEX ETHUSD Perpetual, ETHUSDU21, and ETHU21 Futures Contracts

Ethereum will undergo the scheduled London Hard Fork on 5 August 2021. Three BitMEX contracts (ETHUSD, ETHUSDU21 and ETHU21) and two BitMEX indices (.BETH and .BETHXBT) will be impacted and these markets will be open during the fork. 

Impact on the BitMEX Indices

The BitMEX .BETH and .BETHXBT indices are currently constructed using the following constituent exchanges and weights:

Index Binance Binance US Bitstamp Coinbase FTX Huobi Gemini Kraken OKEx Poloniex
.BETH 3.83% 9.08% 50.86% 16.38% 4.77% 15.08%
.BETHXBT 70.51% 6.69% 10.36% 3.61% 6.19% 2.64%

Prior to the publication of this announcement, no constituent exchanges have announced that they will suspend spot trading during the fork. We will be monitoring the constituent exchanges closely and if any exchanges plan to suspend their ETH spot markets, they will be removed from the indices according to the published schedule. 

Please be aware of the potential for increased volatility during this time. Traders should manage their risk accordingly. BitMEX retains discretion to adjust and update the impacted indices at short notice to protect market stability and integrity.

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