Bitmain Terminates Three Employees for Exposing Salary Delays

Bitmain, one of the world’s leading blockchain technology companies, announced on October 17th that it has fired four employees for their alleged involvement in leaking internal information regarding the company’s salary release.

According to a statement released by Bitmain, the four employees were terminated due to their “illegal publication of the company’s announcement on salary release.” The company cited a breach of its internal policies and the “Information Disclosure Management Rules” as the reason behind this drastic action. Bitmain emphasized that employees are prohibited from disclosing any company information without prior authorization.

The news of these firings was initially reported by BlockBeats, a prominent source of blockchain and cryptocurrency news, and it has raised several questions and concerns within the industry.

The saga began on October 8th when rumors circulated on the professional social networking platform, Maimai, that Bitmain was facing financial difficulties, causing delays in salary and bonus payments for its employees. According to these reports, some Bitmain employees claimed that they had not received their year-end bonuses for 2022, and their regular salaries had been either partially withheld or reduced by half in some cases. This news sent shockwaves across Bitmain’s workforce and beyond, prompting discussions and concerns among the company’s employees, customers, and the general public.

In response to the growing concerns, Bitmain took swift action by releasing a statement on the same day, explaining that they had indeed faced financial challenges and had experienced delays in salary and bonus payments. Bitmain pledged to rectify the situation and stated that they were actively working to pay out the outstanding salaries and bonuses.

As part of their commitment to transparency, Bitmain took a significant step by disclosing that they had started disbursing some of the delayed September salaries on the same day, thereby addressing one of the key concerns raised by their employees. This action seemed to be an attempt to regain trust and address the salary issues that had previously caused alarm.

However, Bitmain’s latest announcement about the termination of four employees for leaking internal information raises further questions. The company’s decision to fire these individuals has ignited debates about the extent of an employee’s rights to discuss their workplace conditions on social media platforms and the company’s responsibility to maintain confidentiality.

Bitmain has not provided specific details about the content of the leaked information, the identities of the terminated employees, or the platforms where the information was shared. This lack of transparency has sparked concerns among some industry observers who wonder whether Bitmain’s actions might inadvertently stifle freedom of speech and the ability of employees to voice their concerns.

Bitmain’s decision to also inform the concerned interns’ respective schools and reserve the right to pursue legal action against all involved parties further demonstrates the company’s commitment to safeguarding its reputation and ensuring that its internal policies are adhered to.

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