Bitget X BitKeep launches airdrop campaign for LayerZero Certificate token to support ecosystem development

LayerZero, a protocol designed for interoperability across blockchain networks, has announced an airdrop for its LayerZero Certificate token ($LZBG). Bitget X BitKeep has launched this campaign to support the development of the LayerZero ecosystem, with users guaranteed eligibility for claiming official LayerZero tokens in the future upon completing corresponding tasks and holding $LZBG.

LayerZero’s design is innovative in the realm of cross-chain bridges, utilizing oracles and repeaters to transmit data, making it more portable and offering certain guarantees for security and performance. Its adoption rates have been good, and the ecosystem has reached a certain level of development. In the future, LayerZero has the potential to become an underlying protocol that integrates cross-chain functions across various EVM-based blockchains.

The airdrop campaign will run from April 25th, 2023, to May 25th, 2023 (GMT +8). Users can obtain $LZBG through various methods, such as completing tasks and trading rewards. Additionally, BitKeep has reached in-depth cooperation with various projects in the LayerZero ecosystem, and this campaign is widely supported by LayerZero communities and projects.

Users who receive $LZBG through red packets must complete a Token Swap or an NFT transaction on BitKeep, to be 100% eligible for exchanging LayerZero Official Tokens. Users who want to obtain $LZBG through trading rewards must complete the corresponding Swap or NFT transaction on BitKeep, to be 100% eligible for exchanging LayerZero Official Tokens.

The LayerZero Certificate Token is issued on Polygon, and users can display the $LZBG token airdrop they have received by adding the token contract address to their BitKeep wallet. Users who received $LZBG on Bitget can check the token amount in their exchange wallet directly.

Conversions will be completed within 3-7 business days upon the initial launch of the LayerZero official tokens on any of the leading exchanges. Only $LZBG tokens obtained through BitKeep’s airdrop campaign listed above are qualified to exchange for LayerZero official tokens. $LZBG acquired through purchase via Swap or transfer is not eligible for the exchange.

Bitget and BitKeep reserve the final rights for an explanation. Rewards for the event and qualifications to claim will be canceled if participants are found to misbehave or cheat.

Overall, this airdrop campaign is a great opportunity for users to get involved in the LayerZero ecosystem and potentially gain access to official LayerZero tokens in the future.

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