Bitfinex Securities El Salvador Becomes First Digital Asset Platform to Receive License in Latin America

Bitfinex Securities El Salvador has become the first international digital asset platform to receive approval to be licensed as a Digital Asset Service Provider under El Salvador’s new Digital Assets Issuance Law. This historic development marks a significant milestone for Bitfinex’s long-term strategy to deliver financial freedom and inclusion to communities and countries around the world, as outlined in the Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto.

Bitfinex Securities El Salvador is a fully-regulated digital asset exchange that will enable the issuance and trading of innovative real-world tokenized assets such as equities and bonds. With the new license, a whole range of entities, from small companies to governments, can raise capital in a regulated environment and tap into a market of over $1 trillion with a peak of $3 trillion.

The Digital Asset Issuance Law, passed by El Salvador’s National Congress in January 2023, aims to foster increased financial innovation and growth in the Central American country. As the world’s first nation to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021, El Salvador is now building on this foundation, paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible financial environment for both foreign and domestic companies, as well as retail and institutional investors.

Bitfinex Securities El Salvador will operate separately from the Bitfinex group’s existing platform, Bitfinex Securities AIFC, operated by Bitfinex Securities Limited. The development presents a unique opportunity for both businesses and individuals to capitalize on the benefits of issuing, investing and trading in digital assets in El Salvador’s favorable regulatory environment.

Today’s announcement provides a major boost to Bitfinex’s continuous efforts to promote financial freedom and inclusion in El Salvador and beyond, offering not only large corporations but also smaller, otherwise-marginalized companies, as well as retail investors, the opportunity to participate in global markets. The development also highlights once again El Salvador’s rapid transformation to become a regional and global hub for high-tech financial innovation, creating an attractive environment for businesses to relocate to from around the world.

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