Bitfinex hackers moved another portion of the stolen 120,000 Bitcoin from the hack to another BTC wallet

According to Whale Alert, Bitcoin worth nearly $ 800,000 ($ 796,638) was transferred from Bitfinex hack to an unknown wallet. The exchange was hacked in 2016 and nearly 120,000 Bitcoin were stolen from the exchange.

Bitfinex hackers moved another portion of the stolen 120,000 Bitcoin

Bitfinex hackers have moved 77.64 BTC of stolen funds this time and with Bitcoin’s price over the $ 10,000, the sum is worth close to $ 800,000.

This is not the first time money stolen from the Bitfinex hack has been transferred this year. The previous stolen transfer took place on May 22, ten days earlier than this transaction. In the final transaction, the hackers moved a bit of BTC worth over a million dollars. Hackers moved 28.4 BTC worth about $ 256,000 at the time.

Bitfinex claimed that they had a security breach in August 2016 and hackers stole nearly 120,000 BTC. After learning about the hack, the exchange suspended all transactions and withdrawals on its platform, however, the hackers did with 119,756 BTC (about $ 72 million at that time).

Since then, hackers have started transferring stolen BTC portions to other addresses. It is known that Bitcoin was also transferred from the hack in August 2019. Hackers always move a small part of stolen money to disguise the coins and make it easier to liquidate.

Bitcoin’s rise continues as the price surpasses $ 10,000. The prices have successfully built a foothold above $ 10,000, however, Bitcoin failed to hold this level and plunged below $ 10,000. At press time, the price of Bitcoin is fluctuating around $ 9,528.

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