Bitcoin’s Potential to Reach $130,000 Post the 2024 Halving

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, could potentially reach new heights, with multiple price models suggesting that it may double its all-time high (ATH) set in November 2021 within two years of the April 2024 halving. Many projections even indicate that Bitcoin might soar to a staggering $130,000 by the end of 2025, drawing significant attention from the crypto community and financial analysts.

One prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space, the analyst known as @CryptoCon_, who boasts over 56,000 followers on Twitter, has been conducting various experiments related to Bitcoin’s price cycles. These experiments have consistently pointed towards a price of approximately $130,000.

In a recent tweet, @CryptoCon_ shared insights into their findings, stating, “I’ve been doing a lot of #Bitcoin cycle top experiments lately, and I keep seeing right around the same price… 130k.” The analyst illustrated their point with a chart, explaining, “These trends start at the bottom from the first early top (yellow dot). The trend is then drawn across diagonal support that carries the most data points. Doing this has found the price of the last two cycle tops exactly, and with our trend from the last cycle, gives us a price of about 138k.”

Despite acknowledging the potential for lower prices, @CryptoCon_ expressed confidence in the alignment of factors pointing towards the $130,000 target for Bitcoin during this cycle. This prediction comes within approximately 21 days of November 28, 2025, according to the analyst’s halving cycles theory, or possibly in December according to their BitTime model. According to the timeline provided by the model, the next cycle peak is expected to occur in 2025, potentially enabling Bitcoin to double its ATH established in November 2021.

Historical Support for Bullish Outlook

Famed analyst @rektcapital has also provided insights into the possible trajectory of Bitcoin’s price. @rektcapital suggests that in the year leading up to the halving event in 2023, Bitcoin could form a short-term bottom before experiencing significant market growth.

In the past, @rektcapital has issued warnings regarding the potential formation of a double-top structure at the $32,000 level, which Bitcoin reached at the beginning of the year. This structure, if realized, might lead to an extended period of declining Bitcoin prices. In a tweet, @rektcapital pointed out a historical trend, stating, “At this same point in the cycle (~180 days before the Halving)… #BTC retraced -25% in 2015/2016 and -38% in 2019. Only question is: does history repeat? Or does 2023 generate something completely different? I’m a Macro Bull but history favors Bears.”

Moreover, @rektcapital emphasized that any new lows should be viewed as opportunities to accumulate Bitcoin, reinforcing the notion that market downturns can pave the way for future growth and potential ATH breakthroughs.

These predictions and analyses reflect the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, where price movements are influenced by a myriad of factors, including market sentiment, adoption, regulatory changes, and macroeconomic conditions.

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