Bitcoin’s next halving will now happen sooner than the scheduled date, why?

According to NichHash’s data, BTC’s next halving will take place in one year and 157 days, which means we can now expect the halving in December 2023. Popular crypto influencer, That Martini Guy, also mentioned this new development in his recent tweet.

Bitcoin halving 2023 and everything latest you need to know

In the midst of the hype surrounding the next bull run, an intriguing piece of information about Bitcoin halving surfaced. The fourth BTC halving, which was initially scheduled to happen in 2024 will now happen sooner than the scheduled date.


This is a good signal for BTC, as historical data suggests that halvings are followed by major price surges. For example, during 2020’s Bitcoin halving, BTC was valued at $8,500, but in just a few months it reached over $27,000. Though the entire picture seems to favor the buyers in the market, a few analyses and reports suggest otherwise.

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