Bitcoin whale Joe007: Staking ETH is a marketing ploy

The popular Bitfinex whale, Joe007, compared staking on the Ethereum blockchain to a marketing ploy being used to entice fledgling ETH investors. He explained that by staking ETH on ETH2.0, real investors would lock their ETH forever when insiders inside Ethereum and whales unload their riches from ETH1.0.

“Ethereum staking is a marketing ploy to suck greedy ETHtard plebs into useless “2.0” and trap their ETH there forever while insiders, whales, and Ethereum Foundation gang unload pre-mine riches of ETH 1.0 without retail competition. Wicked clever, just like other ETH scams.”

Besides, Joe007 threw another cold water into the Ethereum project by saying that he was not surprised that the launch of ETH2.0 was delayed. According to him, Ethereum developers can only talk about big promises.

“Am I surprised by yet another Ethereum 2.0 delay? Not even a bit. In fact, my jaw would drop if Ethereum devs ever delivered anything other than empty promises.”

Joe007 has been very active on Twitter since coming back

Earlier this year, Joe007 left Twitter in early May around the same time Bitcoin broke $ 10,000. In his Twitter farewell topic, Joe007 explained that he was leaving Twitter because he could no longer afford to share the millions of dollars of trading settings.

However, Joe007 came back in late June and explained that Twitter was very addictive.

It has been almost two weeks since his return, and he continues to provide valuable insights into the developments of cryptocurrencies. For example, he recently commented on a possible altcoin season due to DOGE protests stemming from a viral Tik Tok video.

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