Bitcoin was featured in a question on the TV show Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time

After appearing on Elon Musk’s tweet with an extremely sensitive implication, Bitcoin appeared in a question on the television program Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time (GOAT). It seems that people are trying to spread the most influential cryptocurrency possible when putting Bitcoin images in a program that has nearly 15 million viewers per episode.

Familiar question: What is Bitcoin?

This week’s episode talks about the first round of Jeopardy! GOAT, pitting champions James Holzhauer, Ken Jennings, and Brad Rutter fought against each other in a multi-night battle to declare who was the GOAT of the quiz program organized by Alex Trebek.

The content of the contest is that the organizers will prepare lists to reveal answers for a query, and the contestants must express their answers in the form of questions.

For the Cybersecurity category, the question is as follows:

“A ransomware attack that encrypted 3,800 City of Atlanta computers demanded 6 of these digital items to unfreeze them.”

And the answer is: What is Bitcoin?

AZCoin News will explain more about the question as well as the answer. Questions related to a ransomware attack and the need for Bitcoin destabilize city operations in the City of Atlanta in 2018. Finally, Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, spent over $2.6 million to deal with the pernicious SamSam malware ransom.

Although the answer does not bring Bitcoin to light, it also makes sense that currencies are getting deeper into our culture and life.

Other questions in the Cybersecurity category:

  • $ 200: This type of hacker is mentioned by a colorful little hat, which helps to check for a computer system vulnerability in a useful way. Answer: White hat.
  • $ 400: A website with a site certificate is a page that uses encryption; This letter after HTTP is a sign of it. Answer: S.
  • $ 600: Companies consider cybersecurity when educating policy staff about BYOD, short for this. Answer: Bring Your Own Device.
  • $ 1000: Beware of the types of programs that track every stroke you make while entering an attempt to collect your password. Answer: Keylogging programs.

Bitcoin becomes a pop culture

This is not the first time Bitcoin is mentioned in Jeopardy! in 2018, cryptocurrency is a portfolio and there are six questions related to coins. Meanwhile, in a 2019 episode, there is a question about Blockchain technology.

Around that time Bitcoin was officially added as a recognized word in the Scrabble Hasbro board game.

Merriam-Webster, who maintains the official Scrabble dictionary, has added the word Bitcoin along with 300 other words, including “emoji” and “twerk.”

As for other television shows, Bitcoin was mentioned not too long ago. In the movie The Good Wife, the director mentioned Bitcoin eight long years ago in 2012. In The Simpsons, it was 2013, and Family Guy and Silicon Valley in 2014. Finance drama Billions also featured a Ledger Nano S in an episode published over a year ago.

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