Bitcoin trading fund Xmas Promo is showing exit scam

The scams in the cryptocurrency market are increasing day by day. It seems that this is not a peaceful Christmas season for investors who have put their trust in the Bitcoin trading fund called Xmas Promo. This is a Bitcoin fund run by LÉON, aka @hitsXBT.

Again the promise of “terrible” interest rates

Scammers from the Bitcoin Xmas Promo trading fund continually promised “huge” interest rates to investors. However, the social media accounts of Bitcoin Xmas Promo no longer exist. Therefore, there is no way to get back the original investments, let alone the promised profits.

Twitter user Stealth Bomber10 exposed this exit-scam scam shortly after the oligarchs went missing.

How Xmas Promo works is simple. LÉON requires investors to send him Bitcoin, after which he will lock that BTC in his wallet for a specified period. He promises investors that he will trade with their Bitcoin and return them profits according to the agreed time. In return, LÉON will receive commissions from those transactions.

Not only that, LÉON also lured small investors by promising them to return 300% of profits immediately after they sent him Bitcoin. According to LEON, the gains he made came from significantly reducing the whale deposits and redistributing the amount among those with low deposits. Anyone who sends 5 BTC or more is classified as a whale.


There have been many warnings about Bitcoin trading fund Xmas Promo

Several observant users have warned investors that the program has enough features of an exit scam. Moreover, LÉON, who claims to be a millionaire with a large amount of Bitcoin, is not reliable. And the evidence is that he has made his Twitter account private, perhaps to avoid any public conversation likely to discourage some of his clients/victims.

As it turned out, despite signs of possible fraud, a large number of investors were successfully lured into Xmas Promo.

The exact number of victims has not been announced. However, LÉON may have been able to obtain enough Bitcoin to reach a total value of several hundred thousand dollars. From the time LÉON started doing this scam so far, Xmas Promo has received hundreds of BTC deposits.

Meanwhile, a Telegram group has been set up so that the victims of the scam work together and coordinate to cause a campaign to get back their deposit.

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