Bitcoin price is still in the trend of the bear market, Poloniex and IOTA are having problems

Bitcoin price has dropped slightly today, along with the decline of many other cryptocurrencies. IOTA user, currently ranked 23rd in the index by market value, could not confirm a 24-hour transaction due to an error on the mainnet on December 29.

Bitcoin price and cryptocurrency market fell in unison today

At press time, Bitcoin is being traded at $7,239, down 2% in the last 24 hours. It seems that Bitcoin has failed to overcome resistance and move to a new high. Bitcoin could create a new lower high after the bulls failed to push BTC prices to higher levels. This means that Bitcoin is still in a downtrend and could drop significantly.

Bitcoin’s attempt to surpass the $7,700 level was once again cruelly rejected. Perhaps Bitcoin price is still locked in a 5-month down the channel. The recent retry of the protest meant nothing to the bulls.


Source: Coin360

The leading cryptocurrency in this market has reversed its price decline, leading to Altcoins also falling.

Group 10 Altcoins, with the largest market capitalization, recorded a slight decline. Despite Vitalik Buterin’s recent proposal to help speed up the network upgrade speed, Ethereum price is still down 2% on the day and is being traded at $131.42.

Similarly, XRP is down 1% and is trading at $0.193. EOS is the strongest loser among the top 10 coins by market cap. EOS has dropped 3% in the past 24 hours. In terms of seven-day profits, Tezos was the biggest loser, recording a drop of nearly 14%.

With substantial volatility, cryptocurrency market capitalization is maintained at $192 billion.

Poloniex confirmed data leakage after a strange email

On December 31, Poloniex announced that a list of exposed email addresses and passwords could be used to log into the exchange. Therefore, the exchange must proceed to require users to reset the password for the entire account.

Poloniex email sent to users with excerpts:

“Most of the email addresses on the list leaked are not accounts on Poloniex. However, we still have to force users to reset the password for their accounts.”

Receiving an email asking for a password change from the exchange, many users thought it was SCAM. They do not dare to operate as required by email. To be on the safe side, a user posted the service on Twitter and warned other users.

However, Poloniex corrected that it was the Poloniex’s real email. Users need to reset the password to ensure account security immediately.

IOTA fixed the error after stopping the transaction 24 hours

According to the official announcement of the issue, IOTA has encountered an unexpected incident starting on December 29 and entirely resolved on December 30.

The incident occurred because an unusual transaction team was probably built as an attack on the IOTA Reference Implementation (IRI). This software defines the protocol that runs on the nodes of the IOTA network, allowing customers to send IOTA to each other.

A new version 1.8.3 of IRI was released on December 30 to overcome this point. Huobi also resumed IOTA deposits and withdrawals after a pause on December 29.

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