Bitcoin Ordinals Unveils Major Upgrade 0.6.0 to Tackle Over 71,000 Cursed Inscriptions

The developers behind the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol have unveiled a major upgrade, version 0.6.0, aimed at fixing more than 71,000 cursed inscriptions. This milestone release marks a significant step towards the vision of an evolving, resilient, and adaptable ordinals protocol.

The announcement came after an intense three-day code sprint involving the collaboration of the developers and @raphjaph. The team, led by @veryordinally, expressed their excitement as they launched ord v0.6.0. This upgrade represents a crucial advancement towards building a protocol that can support growth, expansion, and stability.

Cursed inscriptions are an innovative solution devised by the Bitcoin Ordinals team to tackle a critical challenge in protocol development. These inscriptions enable extensions to the protocol without altering existing inscription numbers, functioning as the keystone supporting the system’s growth and stability.

The initial release of version 0.6.0 focuses on providing support for a subset of cursed inscriptions. The team has adopted an incremental approach to ensure steady progress while allowing the ecosystem time to adapt and evolve in sync with the developments.

Recognizing the importance of balancing innovation, stability, and accessibility, the developers ask for patience as they introduce this potentially transformative feature. They acknowledge that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and express gratitude for the ongoing support from the community.

It is important to note that the current release intentionally excludes support for unrecognized even tags, including OP_66. The team emphasizes their commitment to approaching this aspect with careful consideration when they reach that phase of the roadmap.

The overarching goal of the Bitcoin Ordinals team is to foster a decentralized and innovative environment while maintaining the resilience and reliability of the system. They promise to continue sharing and engaging with the community as they progress further.

In addition to the upgrade, the team is also preparing a new index for their website, ordinals.com, which they plan to upgrade to version 0.6.0 within the next 12 hours. This update will provide users with further enhancements and improvements to the Ordinals protocol.

The developers eagerly await feedback from the community on ord v0.6.0 and express their enthusiasm to embark on the next phase of making the Ordinals protocol more robust and innovative. They extend their heartfelt gratitude to all those who have joined them on this journey.

It is important to note that while negative numbers will change over time with the addition of more types of cursed inscriptions, existing positive inscriptions will remain stable. The activation of new inscriptions previously recognized as cursed will be implemented at a future block height, at which point they will transition to blessed inscriptions. However, negative numbers prior to the activation height will continue to remain negative.

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