Bitcoin logo appears in MV “Duyen Am” of Vietnamese supper star Hoang Thuy Linh

Hoang Thuy Linh (August 11, 1988) is one of the Vietnamese long-standing artists with more than 10 years active. She has appeared in many films, varieties show, and advertisements, but her major role is a pop singer. Lately, her comeback has received many positive criticisms from both domestic and foreign audiences. With catchy pop-dance music combined with Vietnamese traditional features, her new music is harmonious between old and new.

On December 19, the singer has released MV for the song “Duyen Am” (relationship or fall in love with the people past life, in Vietnamese culture). This is one of the songs in the studio album “Hoang” which was released on October 20.

MV “Duyen Am” of Hoang Thuy Linh

Right after being released, the MV “Duyên Âm” has quickly received big attention from Vietnamese music lovers, including many crypto believers. Thanks to this, a special detail that was recognized by the crypto fans in the first seconds of this video is the appearance of the Bitcoin logo.

The logo appeared briefly in 00:13 of the MV, in which the Bitcoin logos used in the blindfold and hit clay pots game (Vietnamese version of Piñata game), one of the popular culture games on the Lunar New Year in North Vietnam. And instead of just using clay pots, the Bitcoin logos were hung up for players to hit it.

Bitcoin logos appeared in 00:13 of the video.

The meaning of this folk game is to learn the guessing skill of positions, suitable distances, memory skills. For traders, the above definitions sound familiar because they are the same way we observe and predict Bitcoin price movements every day, every hour.

To put Bitcoin in such a context of the content, it can be seen that cryptocurrency is also facing numerous challenges and difficulties in seeking world acceptance. But no matter what, the crypto community will cut off the “curse” hunting the cryptocurrencies, which in turn leads to a free and successful future.

Supper star Hoang Thuy Linh | Screenshot

Although it is unclear whether Hoang Thuy Linh and her crew have the intention for the use of Bitcoin logos, the fact that a famous singer brought this detail into his/her works proves the popularity of the cryptocurrency has become wider. This is an optimistic signal for us to put our faith in the bright future of the crypto industry.

Hoang Thuy Linh has ended a very successful 2019 with MV “Duyen Am”, according to her words, this MV is used to “tribute” old friends betray and ex-lover cheating, all of them will be called out by this song. This music video and song are like a flashback for her to look back on what happened to her in 2019.

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