Alex Krüger: Bitcoin HEX is just a scam ponzi model like BitConnect

At the moment, the cryptocurrency market has just appeared a new name, suspiciously similar to BitConnect or Sports Trading BTC. And this project is called HEX – a Bitcoin-linked investment scheme. This is the new Blockchain project, which claims to be the world’s first high-interest rate and spectacular ROI, especially for the earliest participants.


HEX (Bitcoin HEX) and scam sign

The people behind the project are Richard Heart, a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, and cryptocurrency proponent. Last year, Heart continuously promoted HEX. At the time, this project was called Bitcoin HEX.

Like other MLM and Ponzi projects, they promise high investment interest rates, so does HEX. After joining HEX, users will receive interest based on the number of HEX held. The annual ROI can be up to 369%, depending on the number of people staking HEX tokens via smart contract.

Attractive introductory website:


Indeed, when hearing about such a high-profit margin, many people will join HEX. From there, the HEX price will increase rapidly. However, in the long run, the later investors will suffer more when the early investors out.

Experts have frankly criticized HEX

Several well-known cryptocurrency market analysts have criticized the HEX project. Although the project is currently operating stably and has generated over $ 3 million ETH. However, these criticisms are increasingly heavy. Even Peter McCormack, Podcaster, and Tone Vays, YouTube technical analyst, discussed investment plans related to Bitcoin.

Besides, economist Alex Krüger also called HEX a stupid project. He also criticized the people behind it greed, and those who invest in it are “suckers.” Krüger asserted that HEX was simply a no less scam. Even this project reminds him of Bitconnect.

According to him, HEX buyers don’t even know what the plan is. What they care about most is profit. And as we all know, the higher the risk, the higher the risk. As long as they still make money, HEX has a scam or not, it doesn’t matter to them.

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