Bitcoin Exchange Reserves Plummet in May 2023, Indicating a Strengthening Hodling Trend

As we approach the end of May 2023, the state of Bitcoin’s circulating supply on exchanges and investor sentiment becomes a focal point for market observers.

Recent findings from a CryptoQuant report shed light on the decline in exchange reserves and the strengthening trend of hodling among investors. Let’s delve into the details and analyze the potential implications for the market.

Declining Exchange Reserves

According to the report, the amount of Bitcoin held in exchange reserves has witnessed a significant decrease since May 1, 2023. This decline suggests that fewer Bitcoins are circulating on exchanges, indicating a shift in investor behavior towards long-term holding strategies. The decrease in exchange reserves is further highlighted by the estimated loss of approximately $7 billion worth of Bitcoin based on the Exchange Reserve USD metric.

Hodling Trend Strengthens

To determine whether the majority of investors are buying Bitcoin at the current price of around $27,000, a crucial metric to consider is the decrease in exchange reserves. The report suggests that a decline of more than 2,132,000 BTC on exchanges would confirm that investors are leaning towards hodling rather than engaging in large-scale selling. This trend indicates a growing confidence among investors in Bitcoin’s long-term value and potential.

Deposit Trend and Bullish Momentum

The report also draws attention to the deposit trend, which has experienced a decline throughout the 2021-2023 downtrend. Over the past month, daily recorded deposit transactions ranged from 10,000 to 30,000. This decline in deposit transactions during a period of BTC price increase parallels a similar trend observed in July 2019, close to the May 2020 halving.

Considering the upcoming halving approximately nine months away from March 2024, the decrease in deposit transactions could potentially indicate a bullish momentum building in the market. This observation aligns with historical patterns, where a decline in deposit transactions preceded a bullish period before previous halvings.


Based on the analysis of the CryptoQuant report and personal assumptions, it appears that the supply of Bitcoin circulating on exchanges is decreasing, and investor sentiment is shifting towards hodling. The decline in exchange reserves and deposit transactions suggests a growing confidence among investors in Bitcoin’s long-term prospects.

While it is important to approach market analysis with caution, the observed trends in supply and sentiment could be indicative of a bullish momentum building up as the next halving approaches. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to observe how these dynamics unfold and potentially impact the future of Bitcoin.

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