Bitcoin donations to citizens affected by bushfires in Australia

The wildfires in Australia are still raging in the dry season, Bitcoin donations are now accepted, and addresses have been opened to contribute to relief. Saunders announced on Twitter the Bitcoin wallet address through which people can donate their BTC to citizens affected by the bushfire that raged in Australia. The BTC address provides a borderless way to contribute to immediate relief.

BTC donation address

Forest fires in Australia remain the largest forest fire crisis in history, bringing damage to both residential and wildfires. Fires have captured more than 14.5 million acres and are spreading themselves as local storms cause more fires. Australia is home to very diverse wildlife and habitat loss, which means the crisis of the entire world due to the loss of animal populations.

The hashtag #AustraliaBurn was spread between the cryptocurrency community, and the Bitcoin donation address was opened for donation, and about 0.26 BTC was collected. Bitcoin donations are taking place when the address is made public to increase the amount significantly after the hashtag was released.

Bitcoin donation is not a new phenomenon as there have been many projects opening donations to various projects. Donations are by far the most valuable, and deciding to open a donation address simply will save people from the hassle of going through an intermediary.

The linkage of forest fires to global climate change also raises attention to this issue. Over the past year, the entire crypto community has rejoined efforts to combat climate change with sporadic and organized contributions.

Tron Blockchain founder Justin Sun proved to donate $ 1 million to Greta Thunberg

In mid-December, Justin Sun, the founder of blockchain Tron openly supported Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg for $ 1 million to promote awareness of global warming.

Although Sun has moved forward to support her campaign for $ 1 million, it’s not clear how cryptocurrencies will help reduce carbon footprints through the decentralized payment mechanism.

In this regard, Sun explained that decentralized payments and other financial platforms operate on the cloud, thereby eliminating the need for physical-based documents.

A $ 100,000 cryptocurrency donation to Amazon rainforest charity blocked by BitPay

Compliance rules have blocked a large donation to a nonprofit that works to protect the Amazon rainforest and the environment at cryptocurrency payment company BitPay.

The charity, Amazon Watch, took to Twitter on Friday to call BitPay for permission to pay $ 100,000.

Amazon Watch said it was trying to increase approved volumes, but was required to go through an even more compliant process via email.

The donation took place as thousands of fires ravaged amazon, many reports were lit up by farmers and loggers after the controversial Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, relaxed environmental rules after coming into office last October.

Bolsonaro has stated he is in charge, pointing to non-governmental organizations against all evidence.

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