Bitcoin Core Developer Flags Threat to Ordinals and BRC-20 Amid Security Flaw

Luke Dashjr, a prominent developer within the Bitcoin Core community, has raised concerns about the potential eradication of Ordinals and BRC-20 on Bitcoin if a critical flaw within Bitcoin Core remains unaddressed. In a Twitter post on December 6, Dashjr highlighted the exploitation of security vulnerabilities within Bitcoin Core by Inscriptions—content etched onto satoshis to create Bitcoin NFTs—causing network spam.

Bitcoin Core, the software responsible for maintaining the ledger and validating legitimate Bitcoin blocks, has been developed and maintained by a group of five programmers, among whom Luke Dashjr is a key figure.

According to Dashjr, since 2013, Bitcoin Core allowed users to self-impose limits on data sizes. However, the Inscriptions have exceeded these limits by obfuscating data in code form.

Despite the team patching this issue in the latest version of Bitcoin Knots, the vulnerability might resurface in version 26. As a result, developers are diligently working to rectify the flaw in the forthcoming v27 update slated for the next year.

Of particular note is Dashjr’s assertion that Ordinals and BRC-20 could cease to function once the vulnerability is rectified. Responding to inquiries on X, users raised questions about the potential survival of Ordinals and BRC-20 after the vulnerability fix. In response, the developer commented, “Exactly. That’s right.”

Dashjr’s statement has sparked intense debate within the community. Shenyu, co-founder of f2pool, vehemently opposed the thought process and actions of the Bitcoin Core team.

“Bitcoin is not Ethereum. Developers do not have unilateral decision-making power,” stated Shenyu, co-founder of f2pool.

The Ordinals protocol was introduced by Casey Rodarmor in January 2023, allowing users to engrave data and NFTs onto satoshis—the smallest denomination of Bitcoin.

Recently, the Bitcoin network has experienced frequent congestion due to users incessantly etching (inscription) and minting BRC-20 tokens.

As per mempool.space, as of December 6, there are over 277,000 unconfirmed transactions on Bitcoin. Notably, transaction fees range from $1.50 to $18 on average.

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