Bitcoin Bull Michael Novogratz to Donate $36 Million for Reforming Criminal Justice

Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital and also a Bitcoin bull, is prioritizing philanthropy efforts and helping reformation of the United States’ criminal justice system a particular focus. So far, the Galaxy Gives of Novogratz family’s philanthropic initiative has donated about $36 million for this purpose.

Bitcoin Bull Michael Novogratz to Donate $36 Million for Reforming Criminal Justice

Last recently, Galaxy Gives was mentioned in an article by Inside Philanthropy. Accordingly, Novogratz said about a “broken criminal justice system” in the United States and many of its citizens are trapped in it.

The Inside Philanthropy story described with a mission to take down the barriers imposed by “structural poverty, oppression, and racism” of Novogratz and his wife Sukey Novogratz, an author and philanthropist. He claimed,

“I thought I was generous, but looking back 10 years of giving, I recognized that I was not as generous as I thought. My wife and I, therefore, decided to give more and more. When starting digging into the criminal justice system, you will be outraged as the unfairness of the whole thing.”

In addition, the bitcoin bull lately appeared on the CNN network, talking about the American criminal justice system and the necessity of reform.

So far, having more and more Bitcoin and cryptocurrency projects have focused on aiding no-profit and charitable causes. The ability that can almost instantaneously transfer funds is a real boon for such organizations.

Novogratz is not only very famous in the crypto community about his bullish stance on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but also his work through Galaxy Digital. He also gained some attention for dismissing the worries of the rich people when Elizabeth Warren, US presidential candidate proposed a “wealth tax” aimed with billionaires.

Novogratz is a firm believer in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. He was affirmative that Ethereum was the most powerful Web 3.0 platform and even “surpassed Bitcoin” in Ethereum Summit this year. On the other hand, Novogratz still has a positive view of Bitcoin, even going so far as to say that it has established itself as a store of value.

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