Bitcoin (BTC) Is Getting Ready For A Double Bubble Scenario At The End Of 2021

Top analyst Lark Davis shares with his subscribers that Bitcoin (BTC) could be getting ready for a double bubble scenario in which the market is going to get a second bigger crazier pump in BTC and it could experience another 200-300% gains.

The trader backs up his belief by citing Bitcoin’s Net Unrealized Profit Loss Chart. According to Davis, the chart is moving back into the belief zone with a strong breakout, making a double pump scenario likely. He says that the last most similar move back to belief was in 2013.

“This is either a bear market relief rally, or a bull market disbelief phase where the market will totally explode in the coming months. Also worth noting, at no point in this entire market cycle did we reach euphoria/greed levels,”


The crypto KOL adds that at no point during our run did Bitcoin enter the red box on the Puell Multiple which has always indicated market tops. Although we did get a strong buy signal during the China FUD event.


Davis also refers to The Pi Cycle Top indicator which has shown a very solid sign of the market reaching a local top. But he says that this does not always indicate the start of a new bear market.

“In 2013 we got a top signal followed by an epic blow-off top later that year. This was a double bubble year.”

Moreover, BTC has a habit of making dramatic blow-off tops. According to the crypto KOL, in the last two bull runs, BTC rose by over 300% in Q4. In 2013 this happened after a 70% price decline for our double bubble run.


Lastly, Davis points out that the most likely catalysts for such a pump in BTC price rally are the approval of Bitcoin ETFs in the USA. But others like a rush by corporate treasuries could also spur such a rally.

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