Bitcoin Address Dormant for Over 3 Years Suddenly Moves $140 Million Worth of BTC

In a surprising turn of events, a Bitcoin wallet that had been inactive for over three years has suddenly come to life, transferring approximately 5,000 BTC, valued at around $140 million USD, to three different addresses. The blockchain monitoring company PeckShieldAlert broke the news through a tweet, bringing attention to this unexpected and significant transaction.

The dormant Bitcoin address, known as 1LH1dY…ztTz, had remained untouched since early 2020 when the price of Bitcoin plummeted to below $10,000. After three years of silence, the funds, now worth more than $140 million USD based on the current valuation, have been put into use.

Here are the three recipient addresses of the Bitcoin transfer:

  1. bc1q5rpq5wppf5tua2yd97nscp8gpz8fq0w740g22c
  2. 34aed6ryXt6ZCHv6k2WPiyy7ap5VbyHr8D
  3. bc1qjq5329t6pxqzceqvmtfzy0r6zmrale4p6n3u9pzwk40h4uykmg0qg8739q

This isn’t the first instance this year of long-dormant Bitcoin wallets suddenly awakening. In September, a wallet that had remained inactive since 2016 moved 2,100 BTC, now valued at $56.3 million USD. These occurrences have piqued the interest of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who speculate about various motives behind these actions, ranging from profit-taking to asset planning and security measures.

BTC/USDT 1 day-chart | Source: TradingView

Despite the chatter surrounding these dormant wallet movements, the price of Bitcoin has remained relatively stable, fluctuating around $27,960 USD at the time of this report. It is expected that inactive Bitcoin supplies will periodically re-enter circulation during bull markets, as holders seize opportunities to realize substantial profits.

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