Bitcoin ad appeared at one of the most significant train station in South Africa for 100,000 passengers

In today’s marketing era, advertising is everywhere. However, we will see that not many crypto ads appear in daily life. And the reason is that the cryptocurrency market doesn’t get mainstream adoption. Therefore, the fact that the Bitcoin ad about a Luno Exchange appears at South Africa’s largest train station – where hundreds of thousands of passengers appear every day is something to be treasured.

Bitcoin ad spotted in South Africa’s biggest train station

Undeniably promotional activities will be essential for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in achieving mainstream acceptance. Currently, only a fraction of the world’s population trades in cryptocurrencies. And most of the rest don’t even know what Bitcoin is.

Recently, a Reddit user discovered a Luno Exchange ad at South Africa’s largest train station. This is an advertisement aimed at attracting users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the direct message that ‘money is evolving.’ Some of such ads are gradually gaining popularity in cities around the world and raising awareness of the move to digital currencies.

Bitcoin Ad in Biggest Train Station in South Africa. Gautrain is a rail system in South Africa, which links Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekurhuleni and O. R. Tambo International Airport. from r/Bitcoin

Reddit user Gautrain said it was one of the essential commuter rail systems in Gauteng, South Africa. It is a transit rail system connecting Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekurhuleni, and OR Tambo Airport, and trains can carry more than 100,000 passengers a day, continuously from Monday to Friday.

With such a significant number of passengers, many people will probably learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency for the first time through advertising. This move will also directly help in the adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. Also, there is another similar campaign of Grayscale named DropGold, which also brings impressive results.

Meanwhile, South Africa is reportedly one of the crypto-friendly African countries. And statistically, this is one of the hottest cryptocurrency markets in Africa. Almost every day, new domestic-created cryptocurrency wallets with regulators are now stepping up plans to adjust the nation’s emerging cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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