Bitcoin Achieves Unprecedented Stability: Volatility Below 6% for 70 Consecutive Days

In a surprising turn of events, Bitcoin’s volatility has reached unprecedented levels of stability, with daily price fluctuations remaining below 6% for a staggering 70 consecutive days.

This remarkable development, reported by Bloomberg on the 26th of May, marks the longest period of low volatility for Bitcoin since October 2020. Analysts attribute this trend to unresolved policy events, which have led investors to adopt a cautious approach as they await clarity on political and monetary policy-related matters that could potentially impact the cryptocurrency’s price.

Source: Bloomberg

The Influence of Unresolved Policy Events

Bitcoin, often renowned for its wild price swings, has experienced an extended period of subdued volatility. Market experts believe that a combination of unresolved policy events has contributed significantly to this unusual calmness.

Debates surrounding the debt ceiling negotiations and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy are among the major factors creating uncertainty in the market. Investors, therefore, appear to be adopting a wait-and-see attitude, choosing to refrain from making significant moves until more clarity emerges.

A “Wait-and-See” Format

Sprahinza Sabik, head of data and analytics at FTNT Financial, highlighted the macro catalysts currently at play and their impact on investor sentiment. “There are several macro catalysts going on right now – whether it’s debt ceiling negotiations or the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy, traders are waiting for more clarity,” Sabik explained. This cautious sentiment is reflected in the market, as investors opt to remain on the sidelines until there is more certainty regarding the future direction of Bitcoin.

Lack of Attractive Reasons for Investment

While Bitcoin presents a promising risk-adjusted upside potential, market observers believe that the current environment does not offer sufficient incentives for investors to flock to cryptocurrencies.

Noel Acheson, author of the ‘Crypto Is Macro Now’ newsletter, expressed this sentiment, stating, “Bitcoin’s risk-adjusted upside potential may be substantial, but there isn’t enough of an attractive reason for investors to flock to crypto right now.” Acheson added that although there are few reasons for Bitcoin holders to sell their coins at the moment, the overall macro environment encourages a wait-and-see approach.

Balancing Confidence and Missed Opportunities

Acheson acknowledged that Bitcoin may experience slight declines, but the prevailing confidence in the cryptocurrency’s long-term potential outweighs concerns about missing out on potential rallies. Acheson explained, “Bitcoin may go down a bit. However, confidence in Bitcoin decline is not strong enough to offset the possibility of missing out on a good opportunity should any rally unfold.”


Bitcoin’s volatility has shrunk to its lowest levels in recent memory, with daily price fluctuations remaining below 6% for an impressive stretch of 70 consecutive days. This prolonged period of stability can be attributed to the presence of unresolved policy events, prompting investors to adopt a cautious wait-and-see approach.

While the current macro environment may not provide compelling reasons for immediate investment, the confidence in Bitcoin’s future potential persists among market participants. As the cryptocurrency market awaits resolution on key policy matters, it remains to be seen how long this period of low volatility will endure and what impact it will have on future Bitcoin trends.

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