Bitbank Introduces The Graph (GRT) to Japanese Market with First-ever Listing

Bitbank, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, has announced that it will begin trading the crypto asset known as The Graph (GRT) from June 15, 2023. This marks the first time that GRT will be listed on a Japanese exchange, opening up new opportunities for Japanese investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Bitbank’s decision to add The Graph to its platform is a testament to the growing popularity and adoption of this unique crypto asset. The Graph is a project that focuses on indexing data on the blockchain and providing a search system, enabling users to efficiently search for and retrieve information from various decentralized applications (dApps). By organizing and making blockchain data accessible, The Graph aims to enhance the functionality and usability of decentralized networks.

With the addition of GRT to its offerings, Bitbank aims to cater to the increasing demand for diverse and innovative crypto assets among its user base. The Graph’s inclusion on the exchange will enable users to trade GRT against the Japanese yen (JPY), providing a seamless and convenient way to invest in this particular cryptocurrency.

To commemorate the listing of GRT on its platform, Bitbank has also announced a special campaign. Starting from the listing date, June 15, and continuing until July 13, users will be able to enjoy fee-free transactions when trading GRT against JPY. This campaign is expected to encourage greater participation and engagement from both existing and new users, further solidifying Bitbank’s position as a leading crypto exchange in Japan.

In addition to trading, Bitbank will offer various services related to GRT, including sales outlets and lending services for this crypto asset. The lending service, in particular, will allow users to rent and increase their GRT holdings, providing them with additional opportunities to maximize their investments.

Moreover, GRT serves multiple functions within The Graph ecosystem. It can be used for governance voting, enabling token holders to participate in decision-making processes related to staking reward rates and search usage fees. Additionally, GRT can be utilized for payment of search usage fees, further enhancing its utility and value within the ecosystem.

The listing of GRT on Bitbank represents a significant milestone for both the Japanese cryptocurrency market and The Graph project. It not only offers Japanese investors the opportunity to diversify their crypto portfolios but also validates the growing importance of decentralized data indexing and search systems in the blockchain industry.

As Bitbank continues to expand its crypto asset offerings, it is expected that more innovative projects like The Graph will find their way to the Japanese market, fueling further growth and development in the country’s cryptocurrency ecosystem. The listing of GRT on Bitbank paves the way for increased adoption and recognition of The Graph’s potential in Japan and beyond.

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