Binance will list BarnBridge (BOND) and Enzyme (MLN) on July 5

The largest crypto exchange in the world Binance will list BarnBridge (BOND) and Enzyme (MLN) and will open trading for BOND/BTC, BOND/BNB, BOND/BUSD, BOND/USDT, MLN/BTC, MLN/BNB, MLN/BUSD and MLN/USDT trading pairs at 2021-07-05 06:00 AM (UTC).

BarnBridge, founded in 2019, is a protocol for tokenizing risks. It was launched in September 2020. The platform is a sort of DeFi lego for creating tradeable tokens that expose a consumer to market volatility.

BOND is an Ethereum token that governs BarnBridge, a protocol that enables users to hedge against DeFi yield sensitivity and price volatility. Its first application, SMART Yield, allows users to choose between risk profiles for lending on DeFi protocols such as Aave and Compound. By using SMART Yield, senior bond investors can receive fixed rates at potentially lower risk while junior bond investors can receive higher rates at higher risk.

On June 25, Coinbase listed BarnBridge (BOND) on Coinbase Pro.

Enzyme, formerly known as Melon Protocol, is an on-chain asset manager which allows users to deploy crypto-trading strategies via vaults. MLN is the native token of the platform and is indirectly paid as gas fees by Enzyme users in a buyback-and-burn token model.

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