Binance Unveils New UK Domain to Comply with Financial Promotions Rules

In a proactive response to the evolving regulatory landscape in the United Kingdom, Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled a dedicated UK domain and forged a significant partnership with Rebuildingsociety.com Limited, an FCA-regulated firm authorized as an ‘S21 approver’ for crypto marketing and communications materials.

The cryptocurrency industry has been under increased scrutiny from regulatory bodies, and Binance’s latest moves underscore its commitment to compliance within the UK’s changing regulatory framework. Effective from October 8, 2023, UK retail users will be directed to www.binance.com/en-GB, where they will exclusively access Binance products and services fully compliant with UK regulations, providing a secure and regulated trading experience.

It is important to note that these changes exclusively impact UK retail users and will not affect users who qualify for exemptions under the new Financial Promotions Regime, such as certain institutional and professional investors.

In an official statement, Binance reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to global regulatory compliance. The partnership with Rebuildingsociety.com Limited is seen as a pivotal step in fulfilling this commitment, enabling Binance to meet its regulatory obligations in the UK while ensuring uninterrupted services for its users.

The cryptocurrency industry’s dynamic nature demands swift adaptation to evolving regulatory requirements, and Binance’s proactive approach, marked by the launch of a dedicated UK domain and strategic partnerships, underscores its commitment to operating within the confines of UK law while continuing to provide a secure and accessible platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the UK.

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