Binance, OKEx and Huobi Will Support XYM Airdrop for XEM Holders

Binance, OKEx, and Huobi will support the Symbol (XYM) airdrop program and opt-in on behalf of users holding NEM (XEM) on theirs exchange. The snapshot for the airdrop will take place at the XEM block height of 3,025,200 or approximately 2021/01/14 11:07 AM (UTC).

  • XEM deposits and withdrawals will be suspended starting from 2021/01/14 04:00 AM (UTC).
  • We will take a snapshot of XEM tokens held by Binance users at the above time, and will distribute XYM tokens at a ratio of 1 XEM = 1 XYM.

Symbol is a next-generation, open source decentralized blockchain platform from NEM that connects businesses to the blockchain, helping them to reduce cost, complexity, and find new ways to create value. It has increased speed, usability, security and flexibility – making Symbol the smart, effective choice for both enterprise users and developers.

“SYMBOL is built for scale with frictionless onboarding and adoption for developers and faster POC to production development. We’re excited to welcome the community and partners to participate in our testnet in preparation for becoming validators on our mainnet,” said Nate D’Amico CTO of NEM Foundation.

NEM will be launching the Symbol blockchain in December and is conducting an airdrop in which all eligible holders who hold at least 100 XEM will receive free XYM in a 1:1 ratio. NEM wallet holders need to download the NEM wallet, import their NEM account and opt-in for the airdrop to receive free XYM after the mainnet launch in December. You can also hold it in a supporting exchange to receive the airdrop.

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