Binance Launchpool may add these projects in the future, analysts say

Binance Launchpool, a platform that allows users to stake Binance Coin (BNB) or other tokens to earn rewards from new projects, may soon feature some promising altcoins, according to a recent report by Layergg, a crypto analytics firm.

Layergg published a list of potential candidates for Binance Launchpool, based on various criteria, such as upcoming Token Generation Events (TGEs), NFT airdrop approvals, and Binance Labs support.

Most of the recent LaunchPool projects, such as NFP, XAI, and MANTA, have announced their TGEs, which are usually followed by listings on Binance or other exchanges.

Since MemeLand (MEME), many projects have adopted the strategy of offering airdrop tokens to NFT holders, such as ALT, MANTA, XAI, and ACE.

Projects like ACE and ALT, which are backed by Binance Labs, may get listed abruptly even without any TGEs in their roadmap.

Here are some of the projects that Layergg identified as potential LaunchPool candidates:

  • Ultiverse (ULTC): Backed by Binance Labs, Ultiverse has an ongoing campaign until February 25, where users can earn SOUL and receive airdrops. Electric Sheep, the project’s NFT group, has confirmed the airdrops.
  • Polyhedra Network (ZKB): Polyhedra Network, also backed by Binance Labs, has partnered with Okx Wallet to host an airdrop event similar to MANTA. Several tasks and airdrop events have ended and a TGE is expected soon.
  • dappOS: Powered by Binance Labs, dappOS does not have a TGE schedule, but airdrop has been confirmed. The project has already been integrated with several dApps.
  • Mocaverse (MOCA): Although not directly supported by Binance, they have invested in The Sandbox Game, the parent company of Animoca. Moca XP earned through Macaverse NFT is expected to be directly linked to airdrop.
  • Pixels (PIXEL): Powered by Animoca, Pixels has a TGE event this week. Land NFT owners are said to receive benefits for PIXEL.
  • Xterio (XTER): Backed by Binance Labs, Xterio will have a TGE event in Q2. Overworld Incarna NFT holders have access to airdrop and pre-sale of XTER.
  • SkyArk Chronicles (SAC): Backed by Binance Labs, SkyArk Chronicles has a direct SAC Airdrop Program. It seems that NFT holders will be able to benefit from airdrop.
  • Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA): Powered by Binance Labs, Heroes of Mavia launched on February 6. Land NFT owners can benefit from airdrop.
  • Unagi (UNA): Backed by Binance Labs, Unagi has a TGE event in Q1. Persona NFT holders will also receive direct benefits through UNA.

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