Binance Labs Invests in Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM Technology

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, has taken a significant step towards advancing Web3 applications’ security, privacy, and decentralization. The investment in Delphinus Lab, an infrastructure provider pioneering the zkWASM virtual machine, promises to redefine the landscape of trustless computation and application development.

Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM virtual machine blends the worlds of zero-knowledge proof (ZK) and WebAssembly (WASM), allowing developers to create zero-knowledge applications using their preferred programming languages and deploy them across WebAssembly-supported environments. This innovation combines the strengths of zkWASM to deliver unmatched security and privacy, shaping a more trustless and decentralized digital ecosystem.

WebAssembly, jointly developed by tech giants Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and Apple in 2017, enables code to run natively on web browsers using various programming languages. The zkWASM virtual machine by Delphinus Lab builds upon this foundation, seamlessly integrating feature-rich applications with WASM smart contracts across different blockchains.

Yi He, Co-Founder of Binance and Head of Binance Labs, emphasizes the significance of this investment: “Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM implementation will welcome a new wave of Web2 developers onto the Web3 landscape. We look forward to witnessing Delphinus Lab lead the zkWASM narrative, and enabling widespread adoption of Web3 applications among developers and end users.”

The investment by Binance Labs will be instrumental in advancing Delphinus Lab’s zkWASM-based application rollup platform, the zkWASM Hub. This platform streamlines automated proving and batching services for application workloads, supporting customizable WASM extensions. The zkWASM Hub also simplifies the distribution of GitHub applications onto its platform through automated compilation and updating processes.

Sinka Gao, Founder & CEO of Delphinus Lab, envisions the zkWASM Hub as a catalyst for next-generation Web3 DApps: “Our zkWASM Hub introduces a streamlined multi-chain execution layer for developers to easily deploy and manage their WASM-backed apps in a dynamic rollup environment. Our goal is to enable next-generation Web3 DApps that leverage the robustness of Web2 while embracing the decentralized, trustless nature of Web3.”

Delphinus Lab stands at the forefront of zkWASM innovation, offering an open-source zero-knowledge virtual machine tailored for WASM support. This advancement redefines the landscape of secure and efficient decentralized applications. Developers seeking to explore this technology can access it through the zkWASM Hub, offering a glimpse of the future potential of zkWASM.

Delphinus Lab’s pioneering work in zkWASM innovation aligns with Binance Labs’ commitment to advancing Web3 infrastructure. Together, they are driving the evolution of Web3 applications, ushering in enhanced security, privacy, and decentralization that have the potential to reshape the digital landscape for years to come.

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