Binance Futures Will Launch BAND/USDT Perpetual Contract With Up to 50x Leverage

Binance has announced that they will soon be offering traders access to up to 50x leverage on the token of Band Protocol (BAND). In the announcement, the company stated that the BAND / USDT perpetual contracts will begin trading at 2020/07/29 09:00 AM and users will be able to select the leverage they want ranging from a minimum of 1x up to a maximum of 50x.

As AZCoin News reported recently, ICON Network, one of the largest decentralized blockchain networks, has strategically partnered and chosen Band Protocol to provide secure and verified data oracles for its rapidly growing decentralized application ecosystem.

This collaboration is extendable into using Band Protocol to support ICON’s multi-faceted network of established enterprises and government agencies ranging from banks, telecommunications companies, and South Korean government agencies — expanding the use-cases for customized and scalable data oracles provided by Band Protocol.

Band Protocol (BAND) is a protocol for decentralized data governance. It allows developers, companies, brands and celebrities to issue personalized public tokens. These tokens are used to manage data in their specific community. Band Protocol provides an open-source standard and framework for managing decentralized data in Web 3.0 technology repositories.

Band Protocol is one of the successful projects of Binance Launchpad in September,  2019.

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