Binance Earn Launches Range Bound for Potentially Higher Rewards in Low Volatility Markets

Binance Earn has recently launched Range Bound, a new product that offers users the opportunity to potentially earn higher rewards during periods of low market volatility. The product allows users to earn rewards when the Reference Price of their selected digital asset stays within the chosen Price Range during the entire Subscription Period.

Users have the option to select the Price Range and Settlement Date that best suit their needs from a wide variety of options available. They may also decide on the portion of their Subscription Amount to be forfeited, known as the Subscription Amount at Risk, if the Reference Price ever touches or exceeds the Upper/Lower Range of the selected Price Range during the Subscription Period, in exchange for potentially receiving high APR in token rewards. The higher the Subscription Amount at Risk, the higher the Potential APR goes.

If the Reference Price stays within the Price Range, the user will not forfeit the Subscription Amount at Risk and be entitled to the corresponding APR. However, if the Reference Price touches or exceeds the Upper/Lower Range of the selected Price Range, users will have their Subscription Amount at Risk forfeited without receiving APR.

To get started with Range Bound, users need to follow a few simple steps. First, they need to log in to the Binance App and click [More], then navigate to the [Earn] section and select [Range Bound]. After choosing their preferred digital asset, Price Range, and Settlement Date, they need to enter the Subscription Amount and select the Potential APR. Finally, they need to agree with the service agreement and click [Confirm].

It’s important to note that in case of any discrepancy between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail. Binance also provides guides and related materials such as Frequently Asked Questions on Range Bound and Range Bound Terms & Conditions to assist users.

In conclusion, Range Bound is a new product that offers users the opportunity to earn higher rewards in times of low market volatility. It’s an innovative way for users to potentially increase their earnings and provides them with a flexible and customizable subscription process.

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