Binance CEO CZ Expresses Gratitude for Father’s Support and Shares Personal Reflections on His First Computer

On March 22, the founder and CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, took to his personal Twitter account to share a heartwarming post about his father and his first computer. The post was in response to a video created by AI-powered video creator Framer, which explored the fascinating story of CZ’s journey and featured a video titled “When CZ meets Schwarzenegger.” While Framer noted that CZ may never actually meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, the video was a reflection of CZ’s life and career, including his first job at McDonald’s and his father’s support.

CZ’s tweet featured a photo of himself as a child and his first computer, a x286 which his father purchased for him in 1990 for 7,000 Canadian dollars. CZ noted that this was a significant investment for his father, as it equated to a few months of his salary at the time.

In today’s dollars, the computer would have cost around $13,520.67 CAD, according to the inflation rate calculated by in2013dollars. Despite its expense, CZ’s first computer played an instrumental role in his life, setting him on the right track and leading him to where he is today. In his tweet, CZ expressed his gratitude for his father’s investment in him, saying, “Looking back, it definitely helped start me on the right track. I’m forever grateful.”

CZ’s post also highlighted a poignant moment in his life, as he revealed that his father had passed away two years ago from COVID-19. This event had a significant impact on CZ’s worldview, leading him to recognize the value of time and the transience of life. In his tweet, CZ stated, “Changed my world view. We are transient. Money is secondary. Make our time count.” The loss of his father was a profound experience that deeply affected CZ, and it served as a reminder that life is precious and should be lived to the fullest.

CZ’s tweet also shed light on his father’s character and values. Despite being proud of his son’s accomplishments, CZ noted that his father lived a modest and humble life and was not interested in money. CZ said that he had offered his father money several times, but his father always refused. His father’s simple, happy life served as an inspiration to CZ, demonstrating the importance of finding happiness and fulfillment in life outside of material possessions.

This tweet by CZ provides a glimpse into the life of a successful business leader that many in the crypto industry may not have seen before. It shows that even someone who has achieved great success and wealth can still have a humble, grounded perspective on life. The tweet was a touching tribute to CZ’s father, who played an integral role in shaping CZ’s life and career, and a reminder to us all that the most valuable things in life cannot be bought with money.

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