Binance and France Fintech are launching the 100M EUR “Objective Moon” initiative in France

France FinTech, a leading non-profit association whose mission is to promote FinTech excellence in France and Binance exchange today announced the launch the 100M EUR “Objective Moon” initiative to support the development of the French and European blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The “Objective Moon” initiative, which will be funded by Binance, will see the development of a Binance Research and Development hub in France, along with the creation of a Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) accelerator – the Objective Moon Accelerator and a new online Education Programme to develop blockchain and crypto industry talent in France. The Education Programme will be created in partnership with France FinTech and Ledger.

“At Binance, we recognise the quality of French and European tech, crypto and blockchain talent, and we are convinced that with the launch of Binance’s major operations and investment in France, we can significantly contribute toward making France and Europe the leading global player in blockchain and crypto industry.” Changpeng Zhao, founder & CEO of Binance said.

Alain Clot, Chairman of France Fintech announced : “France Fintech believes that France is uniquely positioned in terms of regulation, talent and expertise to be the leading player in Europe in the field of decentralized finance and we believe that the collaboration started with Binance today will allow the entire ecosystem to grow significantly in the coming years.”

Binance plans to establish a French Hub for its Research and Development, and will recruit cryptocurrency and blockchain talent from across France and Europe. The new online education programme, which will be created in partnership with France FinTech, Binance and Ledger, will also aim to help people who want to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency and see it as an attractive career opportunity.

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