Billionaire Mark Cuban said he would be happy to sell for ADA if payment processor BitPay were to add it

With Cardano (ADA) price rallying over the past few days, pretty much everyone thinks ADA is likely to double its value after the fourth-largest cryptocurrency triggered a major breakout against Bitcoin (ADA/BTC) ). And this opinion is bolstered by another news that it seems Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire investor Mark Cuban is eyeing ADA.

Billionaire Mark Cuban is showing interest in crypto, especially Cardano (ADA) lately

As Cardano continued to hit an all-time high, it caught the attention of Mark Cuban. According to Cuban’s shared on Twitter, he seems quite interested in the way and uses cases of the ADA.

Mark also urged IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson to introduce the project to him:

And then, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK also expressed his attitude to Mark’s question. He really appreciates Mark and wants to invite this billionaire investor to his farm in Colorado to chat.

Cuban has been involved in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Dogecoin crypto meme, but this is the first time he has publicly mentioned Cardano. When asked about whether Mav accepts cryptocurrency, the billionaire said he would be happy to sell to ADA if payment processor BitPay supports it.

Elsewhere, Cardano is also the name that is expected to replace Bitcoin after Tesla removed Bitcoin as a form of payment due to environmental concerns.

In a new Twitter thread, the Cardano Foundation, a Zug-based organization focused on developing and promoting the fourth-largest blockchain, is making a case for Tesla adopting the Cardano (ADA) token. Cardano utilizes the proof of stake (PoS) consensus mechanism instead of energy-intensive proof of work (PoW). The Ouroboros protocol randomly chooses slot leaders from active stake pools for verifying transactions.

Accordingly, Hoskinson stated that the Cardano ecosystem already includes more than a million people:

“What can you do with your ADA today? You can issue assets, you can buy wine, you can stay in hotels (more than 50,000 locations). Billions of dollars worth of ADA are moving on a daily basis…Unlike Ethereum, you can vote with it…”

Hoskinson also exposed Ethereum’s shortcomings, describing it as a dying monopoly, centralizing its scalability problems.

Of course, Cardano developer Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) recently inked a partnership with the Ethiopian government to overhaul the local education system, which is believed to be the biggest deployment of blockchain technology to date.

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