Biggest fast food corporation McDonald’s gains lead against Ethereum (ETH)

The FTX controversy attracted the attention of most assets, including Ethereum, on the cryptocurrency market and did not go ignored. Ethereum’s market capitalization has once more fallen below McDonald’s after falling below $1,500.

McDonald’s Beat Ethereum, Again

The most well-known fast-food business in the world has long maintained a unique position in the community of cryptocurrency traders and investors. Most bitcoin traders and influencers have to deal with an unrelenting barrage of jokes about getting ready to work at McDonald’s following the end of every bull run on the market.

The joke was inspired by the fast food company’s absurdly low entry standards, which make employment there open to everyone who applies. During the market crisis for digital assets, the company itself followed the trend and provided employment possibilities to well-known crypto influencers. But there is still a conflict between McDonald’s and the bitcoin sector—the conflict of capitalizations. McDonald’s and Ethereum both have equivalent locations in the market. While Ethereum reports $197 billion following the most recent 8% decline, the largest fast-food firm in the world has almost $200 billion.

Given the nature of both businesses, Ether can flip McDonald’s at any point. Still, because to decreased stock market volatility, the company’s capitalization will probably remain roughly the same. From a financial or market standpoint, Ethereum’s capitalization is unimportant and hardly impacts the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency. As we have frequently noted in our market reports, the stringent monetary policy of the United States, which steers investors away from riskier assets like cryptocurrencies, is the primary cause of the bad performance of the digital asset market.

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