Big4 Deloitte Ramps Up Hiring of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Professionals

Deloitte, one of the largest accounting firms in the United States, is reportedly ramping up its involvement in the cryptocurrency industry by hiring a significant number of blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals. Blockworks reported on April 25th that Deloitte has posted a total of 331 job openings on LinkedIn, with many of them focused on blockchain and digital assets.

The move by Deloitte is significant, as it indicates a growing willingness among established companies to explore the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency. As one of the so-called “big four” accounting firms, Deloitte’s entry into the space could be seen as a validation of the industry’s growing importance.

Among the job openings posted by Deloitte are positions for a blockchain and digital asset manager, available in 97 regions across the US, and a blockchain and cryptocurrency related tax administrator, available in 18 regions. The blockchain and digital asset manager position would entail leading a team that provides audit readiness for blockchain and digital asset transactions, while the administrator would be responsible for designing the blockchain’s governance model, identifying new risks and assessing its reliability.

According to Blockworks, Deloitte’s move signals a readiness to engage with the cryptocurrency industry in earnest. The company is already well known for its expertise in areas such as auditing and financial consulting, and its entry into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space could help to drive further innovation in these areas.

The increasing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency by established firms like Deloitte is reflective of a growing awareness of the potential benefits that these technologies can bring. As more companies begin to explore the possibilities of blockchain and digital assets, it is likely that we will see further developments in this space, with potentially significant implications for the wider economy.

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