Best Quarterly Performance in Two Years: Bitcoin Outperforms NASDAQ 100, Gold, S&P 500, and STOXX Europe 600

Bitcoin has once again taken the investment world by storm, as it recorded a remarkable performance in the first quarter of 2023. According to Bloomberg, Bitcoin was one of the best-performing assets, outpacing major investment products in the same period.

Bitcoin’s Q1 performance is quite impressive, given that it rose by about 70%, marking its best quarterly performance in two years. This is a significant improvement from its 103% return at the end of the Q1 2021 bull market. On the other hand, major investment products such as NASDAQ 100, gold, S&P 500, and STOXX Europe 600 failed to match Bitcoin’s performance, as they all recorded a lower increase in value.

Bitcoin performance against other asset classes. Source: Bloomberg

Market analyst Noel Acheson attributed Bitcoin’s success to the foundation it has been building for a rally since the end of 2022. According to Acheson, Bitcoin’s performance is not surprising, given the recent developments in the cryptocurrency market. In addition, the possibility of additional interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve System being raised again as a response to inflation could have contributed to Bitcoin’s rise.

It is also worth noting that Bitcoin’s performance was further boosted by the increased interest in cryptocurrency as an alternative to the centralized currency system. This is particularly true following the bankruptcy of Silvergate Capital, Signature Bank, and Silicon Valley Bank, which affected the confidence of investors in traditional banks.

In summary, Bitcoin has regained momentum in 2023, and its remarkable performance has surpassed major investment products. With the increasing interest in cryptocurrency, it is expected that Bitcoin’s performance will continue to attract investors’ attention in the coming months.

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