Baruto Kaito’s rise to become a brand ambassador

Born Kaido Höövelson in Estonia, Baruto Kaito was one of the most popular sumo wrestlers in the world in the mid 2000s and early 2010s. He was a recognisable face in the sumo world because he was a non-Japanese wrestler but has become a figure in many industries.

He took to sumo wrestling quite early when he was a little boy. At the time, he was mainly focused on playing basketball and judo but when his judo coach Riho Rannikmaa encouraged him to get into sumo wrestling, he dove in.

As a foreigner, Mihogaseki was the only stable that accepted Höövelson. He was given the shikona of Baruto as he made his pro debut in 2004. He quickly rose the ladder as a top sumo wrestler and managed to reach yokozuna and its top division makuuchi. Baruto had issues with his injuries which forced him out. However, that did not stop him from succeeding because he entered different fields and showed his versatility. Here are some reasons why he is still successful to this day in his many fields.

Baruto is a versatile person

Now, Baruto has retired from sumo wrestling but he still has a prominent role in other industries. You can see him mainly as a politician in Estonia where he was elected in 2019 as a way to help economic relations. Now, Baruto and Bitcasino have established a partnership for him to be an ambassador for the brand.

This has been a fruitful partnership for both sides because Bitcasino has received new players with Baruto’s influence. Bitcasino itself has helped Baruto because it has boosted his value as an ambassador himself. This is proof that Baruto is one of the most versatile people in the world.

He was primarily known as a sumo wrestler but he also has a wide résumé which includes his acting credits in Japan. Baruto was huge in Japan as he played a role in the live-action adaptation of My Brother’s Husband, a critically acclaimed short story. Baruto also held a supporting role in a 10-episode series called Majimuri Gakuen which was also a fan favourite.

Now, Baruto has juggled his political duties in Estonia and serving as an ambassador for Bitcasino. He has been rewarded by the GanBaruto Battle slots game which is based on his sumo days because of its design and the symbols.

Baruto is already an award-winning ambassador

Some people might wonder how Baruto was chosen as an ambassador for Bitcasino. He has been successful in his short time with the platform because he has worked with many promotions and tournaments. In 2021, he won the Best Use of a Brand Ambassador award at the EGR Marketing and Innovation Awards.

He was given that award because he was a unique ambassador that captured people’s attention. He represents what Bitcasino values and stands for which was recognised.

With his time as an ambassador at Bitcasino, the quality of the product has gone up including the game that is based on Baruto himself. The slot game is one of the best titles that you can play on their platform. Since it’s exclusive on Bitcasino, it has performed well because people wanted to play it.

Baruto is dedicated to his work

As one of the best ambassadors for Bitcasino, Baruto is relied upon to always stand out. He has been useful in drawing more players to the platform and that is mostly because of his dedication to his role. This was an attitude that he implemented in every part of his career. This was seen in his time as a club bouncer and it was also present in his work as a sumo wrestler.

He has always stood out in every role that he has played during his career and that is reflected in his success. Sumo, acting, politics, and now being an ambassador have all worked out for him because he always has a good attitude towards his job.

Now that Baruto and Bitcasino have cemented their partnership for over two years, he is still dedicated to promoting the fun, fast, and fair services that the platform provides. It is one of the best online casinos in the world and Baruto’s endorsement rings true because he trusts Bitcasino to treat their players well.

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