Bankrupt Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX’s Customer Claims Portal Goes Offline After a Brief Appearance

In a surprising turn of events, the customer claims portal launched by bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX went offline shortly after being live for approximately an hour. The portal, which was intended to provide FTX customers with an opportunity to access their account information and submit claims, mysteriously disappeared, leaving many users puzzled.

The news spread like wildfire on social media platforms, as numerous individuals reported that the FTX claims portal had become operational on July 11. The portal was designed to cater to customers who had accounts with FTX, FTX US, Blockfolio, FTX EU, FTX Japan, and Liquid, giving them a chance to participate in the firm’s restructuring proceedings. FTX’s Kroll page indicated that users had until September 29 to submit their claims.

Before abruptly going offline, the claims portal informed users that they would be able to review their account balances as of November 11, 2022—the day when FTX filed for bankruptcy in the United States. However, with the portal’s disappearance, users are now left uncertain about the fate of their claims and the ability to access their account information.

Despite the sudden interruption, affected customers are not entirely without options. They still have the opportunity to file a proof-of-claim through Kroll’s online customer form or via traditional mail services. These alternative methods may serve as a temporary recourse until the claims portal is back online, or they might become the primary means of submitting claims if the portal’s technical issues persist.

The bankruptcy case of FTX is currently underway in Delaware, as the company navigates the complex legal proceedings. Meanwhile, former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is set to face his first criminal trial in October, where he will confront allegations of fraud. These legal battles, combined with the unexpected disappearance of the claims portal, further complicate the situation for FTX and its stakeholders.

It remains unclear why the FTX claims portal went offline after such a brief appearance. The exchange has not released an official statement regarding the matter, leaving users and industry observers speculating about the potential reasons behind this development. Some speculate that technical glitches or security concerns could be responsible, while others question whether it was a deliberate move to halt the claims process temporarily.

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