Band Protocol has addressed the allegations of being involved in the operation of SushiSwap

Blockchain data oracles Band Protocol platform officially voiced the allegations regarding SushiSwap activities in a Medium post.

Band Protocol has addressed the allegations of being involved in the operation of SushiSwap

In the post, the Band Protocol team emphasized that Sorawit Suriyakarn, CTO of Band Protocol, did not create the controversial Uniswap fork – SushiSwap.

In reality, however, Suriyakarn did indeed participate in the review of the project’s original code implementation.

The article clearly states the point of view:

“Sorawit Suriyakarn as CTO, often reviews the code for other projects, as it is commonplace within the industry. He did a review of the initial code deployment of SushiSwap to make sure it was safe for public use.”

The community has more closely watched the relationship between Band Protocol and SushiSwap after anonymous founder NomiChef suddenly sold all his SUSHI tokens to ETH with a value of nearly 200,000 ETH. This caused SUSHI to drop 74% because the community thought it was an “exit scam”. Even the reason that Chef Nomi gives is very absurd when he thinks that he wants to focus on working and does not want to be affected by the price.

After that, things started to get tenser when crypto exchange Binance started listing SUSHI. And now, CZ, CEO of Binance, thinks this decision is just because they fear losing traffic from SUSHI traders …

Then, SUSHI made a partial recovery after FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried unexpectedly took over the project. But, it may be too late because rumors about Band Protocol’s role in this drama continue to circulate on Twitter.

Is that just a coincidence?

Events like Band Protocol sharing the same hosting service (Render.com) with SushiSwap and both Suriyakarn and NomiChef interested in the popular card game Hearthstone have quickly caught the eye of the Chainlink community.

In his rebuttal post, Paul Nattapatsiri, CPO Band Protocol, said Render.com was a popular hosting service, but they decided to switch to Netlify to avoid confusion.

Nattapatsiri shares:

“We have since changed the hosting service to Netlify to avoid any further confusion. Also, note that we use a variety of tools and services for product hosting and deployment including Surge, AWS Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.”

Speaking of Hearthstone’s connection, Nattapatsiri notes that having a Github repository related to Hearthstone doesn’t mean Suriyakarn is Chef Nomi:

“Hearthstone is a game played by more than 100 million players worldwide. Starring one of the few open-source techs made for the game doesn’t mean Sorawit is Chef Nomi.”

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