Aztec Connect to Cease Operations – Users Advised to Withdraw Funds by March 21, 2024

Aztec, a privacy-focused infrastructure on Ethereum, has announced the sunset of Aztec Connect, which served as the encryption layer for Ethereum. The company has stated that deposits into the Aztec Connect contract from both zk.money and other front-ends like zkpay.finance will be disabled, beginning one week from today.

However, users will continue being able to withdraw with no fees for one year. Aztec’s sequencer will slowly reduce the frequency of rollup blocks for withdrawal, with a final sunset date of March 21st, 2024. After this date, users will have to run withdrawal software or rely on community-run sequencers for withdrawals.

While withdrawals will always be possible, they will become significantly more burdensome after March 21st, 2024. Therefore, Aztec recommends users withdraw funds as soon as possible.

Aztec has open-sourced the entire Aztec Connect protocol, including scaling upgrades and a new secure SDK, and encourages the Aztec community to fork, deploy, and operate a new version of the system.

Aztec’s goal is to develop a truly decentralized general-purpose encrypted blockchain with the security of Ethereum. Its next focus will be the development of two major products: Noir, the universal language of zero knowledge, and its next-generation encrypted blockchain. The company expects to release a full set of specifications for Aztec’s next-gen blockchain in the first half of 2023.

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