Axelar and Microsoft Join Forces to Bridge Public and Private Blockchains

In a significant move toward advancing blockchain interoperability, cross-chain protocol Axelar and tech giant Microsoft have announced a strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to bridge the gap between public and private blockchains, enabling developers to seamlessly connect and deploy decentralized applications (dapps) across multiple blockchain ecosystems. This milestone marks Axelar as the first cross-chain protocol to be listed on Microsoft’s Azure marketplace, opening up new opportunities for developers and organizations in the blockchain space.

The current blockchain market poses limitations for developers seeking to enable user interoperability across different blockchain networks. Recognizing this challenge, Axelar and Microsoft are striving to provide a comprehensive solution. By joining the Azure marketplace, Axelar will offer developers an innovative blockchain tool that facilitates connectivity between dapps, networks, services, and developer tools using the AxelarJS software library.

With this integration, developers will gain access to a simplified process for automating multichain deployments, particularly for Web3 products. Additionally, the collaboration brings the Axelar General Message Passing (GMP) feature into play, enabling developers to integrate applications independently of the blockchains or databases hosting them. Such flexibility allows for enhanced scalability and streamlined functionality in blockchain-based applications.

Microsoft’s Azure marketplace already boasts an impressive selection of over 25,000 applications and services for developers and businesses. With at least 200 solutions powered by blockchain technology, the addition of Axelar to this ecosystem significantly expands the range of options available to developers seeking to harness the potential of blockchain.

Axelar has already gained considerable traction in the blockchain industry, supporting 43 different blockchains at present. Its previous funding round, which concluded last year, saw the company secure $35 million in Series B funding, propelling its market value above $1 billion. Prominent investors such as Dragonfly Capital, Polychain Capital, and North Island Ventures participated in this funding round, underscoring the potential and confidence in Axelar’s cross-chain protocol.

The partnership between Axelar and Microsoft represents a major milestone in the ongoing efforts to achieve blockchain interoperability and advance the adoption of decentralized technologies. By combining their respective expertise and resources, the two companies aim to provide developers with an accessible and user-friendly environment to build and deploy blockchain-based solutions across a wide array of platforms.

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