Avalanche Network Launches Evergreen Subnets to Bridge Public and Private Blockchains

Ava Labs, the team behind Avalanche, has announced the launch of Avalanche Evergreen Subnets, a suite of institutional blockchain deployments, customizations, and tooling designed to address company-specific and industry-wide requirements for financial services. The Evergreen Subnets maintain the benefits of public network development while enabling particular features that were previously only possible within enterprise solutions.

The Director of Business Development for Institutions and Capital Markets at Ava Labs, Morgan Krupetsky, explained that the walled-garden approach that financial institutions have used in the past has been hindering enterprise blockchain applications. However, there continues to be a significant need for customization and control, particularly among institutional use cases. The Avalanche network offers a perfect synthesis of the strengths of public and private blockchains, which is why the team is thrilled to debut Avalanche Evergreen.

Institutions can easily launch their own Evergreen Subnets for either research and development purposes or production-ready use cases as they continue exploring blockchain benefits around process efficiencies, transparency, composability, asset tokenization, and more. With Evergreen Subnets, institutions can pursue their blockchain and digital asset strategies in private, permissioned chains with known and approved counterparties, while retaining the ability to communicate and interoperate with other Subnets through Avalanche’s native communication protocol called Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM).

Avalanche’s unique Subnet architecture empowers everyone from individual builders and teams to institutions and government agencies to launch custom blockchains optimized for their specific use case. Subnets are interoperable with the broader Avalanche network but isolate traffic to dedicated infrastructure securing the chain, enabling Avalanche to scale without limits. Currently, the Avalanche network already boasts several EVM-based Subnet deployments on Mainnet and Testnet across industries and use cases, including DeFi, Gaming, NFTs, enterprises, and institutions.

The Evergreen Subnets solution provides financial institutions with the ability to customize and control their blockchain and digital asset strategies while maintaining the benefits of public network development. Additionally, institutions can easily communicate and interoperate with other Subnets through Avalanche’s native communication protocol. The Evergreen Subnets solution is available to institutions for research and development purposes or for production-ready use cases.

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