Authorities managed to arrest 80 Bitcoin machines after raiding 22 bitcoin mining premises since yesterday

According to local news NST, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) lost tens of thousands of ringgit every month due to the theft of electricity by illegal Bitcoin operators in the state. And unexpectedly, the authorities suspended this operation after police raided 22 Bitcoin mining facilities since yesterday due to a very lucky incident: blown fuses at premises with low electricity bills.


Authorities managed to track down 22 Bitcoin mining of the theft following an article of blown fuses

Bitcoin operators powering their businesses housed in hidden locations across Penang by connecting cables on TNB poles.

However, the authorities have detained the operation after raiding 22 Bitcoin mining facilities since yesterday in a series of joint raids by the Energy Commission (ST), Seberang Prai City Council, TNB, Malaysian Communications, and Multimedia Commission, and the Inland Revenue Board.

ST Regional Executive and Enforcement Director, Mohd Elmi Anas said:

“The raids were conducted based on a tip-off, and surveillance works over the past two weeks. Authorities have found the source of the theft following the fuse explosion in the facilities with low electricity bills.”

He added:

“We then carried out our surveillance before discovering Bitcoin premises, which operated by stealing electricity.”

Authorities had a raid at one of 22 facilities near Seberang Jaya. Today’s raid saw the confiscation of 80 Bitcoin machines and other computing devices.

He said:

“It is estimated that the (22) premises stole about 320-ampere meter electricity supply, which according to TNB’s calculation, resulted in RM24,000 monthly losses for each premise.”

Persons with information about any premises operating Bitcoin trading using electricity theft can complain to the ST or TNB for further action.

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