Attorney Jeremy Hogan talks about the recent “good outcome” of Ripple v. SEC lawsuit

According to James K. Filan, a lawyer who closely follows the case between Ripple and SEC, “Judge Torres has Granted in Part and Denied in Part the Parties’ Requests to Seal documents in connection with the amici Motion to Participate in the Daubert proceedings. Proposed redactions are due by July 15, 2022.”

Ripple v. SEC: Attorney Jeremy Hogan Speaks on Recent “Good Outcome” in Lawsuit

This comes as Ripple defendants alleged that the SEC had taken an “extreme position” on the expert reports. In a recent letter addressing Judge Analisa Torres, they assert that the plaintiff is attempting to silence any “substantive criticism.”

The San Francisco-based tech company further claimed in its filing that the SEC took an “unprecedented” move by requesting that Ripple’s challenges to three SEC experts be filed under seal, pending the judge’s decision on whether to shield the opinions of a fourth expert, Patrick B. Doody, whom the SEC claims had been subjected to “threats and harassment.”

According to Jeremy Hogan, an attorney at Hogan and Hogan, the recent decision by Judge Torres regarding the parties’ request on sealing documents was a “good outcome” as “the public get to see the expert witness reports except for a small part of it that somehow was directly related to the harassment sent the expert’s way.”

Patrick Doody’s involvement in the case came to light when XRP holders who had been given amicus status in the lawsuit sought to file their motion contesting his expert report. In late May, CryptoLaw founder John Deaton filed a motion letter to request the judge to allow him to file a brief on behalf of tens of thousands of XRP holders.

In recent court documents, the SEC has argued that disclosing information about the expert’s findings in the public domain could “inflame the discourse and result in more harassment and intimidation.”

In other updates shared by James K. Filan, “The SEC has filed its Response to the Ripple Defendants’ Request regarding the disputed SEC sealing requests in connection with the upcoming Daubert challenges.”

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