Astar Network and many expectations will explode in April, with at least 15 new projects appearing

Since launching Astar Network two months ago, the project is gearing up for an explosion of dApps and significant events in April, with at least 15 new projects. Not only that, but the first IDO on Astar will also be released soon.

IDO Starlay on ArthSwap

Starlay Finance is one of the biggest success stories on Astar Network, reaching $300 million in TVL and $175 million in loan volume in less than a month of going live. This is the most significant DeFi protocol on Polkadot in terms of TVL. They put their foundation on Astar and are currently preparing for their IDO.


Starlay currently supports eight tokens, including DAI, ASTR, SDN, and USDC, and plans to support more Polkadot ecosystems in the coming weeks. They have set their sights on being the default lending platform on Polkadot and beyond. ArthSwap will release the IDO Launchpad in April, and Starlay will be the first project listed on it.

#AstarSeason – New DeFi products coming to Astar

  • ADAO

A-DAO is issued based on the dApp staking of Astar Network. Users will get some developer rewards for joining and achieving basic rewards.


  • Alnair Finance

Alnair Finance is a profit optimization platform that allows users to stake LP-Tokens issued from AMM (automatic market maker) and DEX (decentralized exchange) in Alnair Vaults, automatically collecting and stake their rewards back as LP-Token to create a compound interest effect.


  • AstridDAO

AstridDAO is the third project launched by the Astar Incubation Program, after ArthSwap and Starlay. AstridDAO is a multi-collateral stablecoin built on the Astar Network and for the Polkadot ecosystem. AstridDAO allows users to deposit various crypto assets, including ASTR, BTC, ETH, BNB, etc., and BAI, USD-backed stablecoin, with 0% interest. With ATID and veATID, people can vote to increase rewards, add new collateral, and more. Holder BAI will be able to farm on different protocols on Astar Network for rewards and interest.

  • Astar Farm

Astar Farm is a DeFi & GameFi dApp developed on the dApp staking of Astar Network.

  • Avault

Avault is a profit aggregator that provides DeFi users with automatic compounding at optimal intervals while aggregating gas fees through smart contracts and optimized strategies for the best profit. With the Vault and Zap feature from Avault, users can profit by automatically compounding interest for higher capital utilization and converting directly from a single asset (e.g., ASTR) to LP tokens (e.g., ARSW-ASTR LP) with one click.


  • Kagla

Kagla is a StableSwap protocol for Astar Network. Kagla allows users to exchange stablecoins like USDT⇆USDC with low fees and low slippage on Astar Network.


  • Muuu Finance

Muuu is a platform that supports the operation of veToken on Astar Network. Muuu enhances the rewards for liquidity providers in DEX and Lending.

  • Orcus Finance

Orcus Finance is distributing the first fractional stablecoin pegged to USD, built on top of the Astar Network.

  • Sirius Finance

Sirius Finance is a massive multi-chain, attraction, and lock-in AMM stablecoin with low sliding transaction costs, attractive APY for LPs on Astar Network, enabling multiple financial innovations and enhanced productivity for Astar users.

  • Starbank


Starbank, based on Balancer V2, will be the first decentralized investment platform on the Astar Network. The Starbank Protocol adds incentives to Astar Network participants by introducing revenue sharing through the next-generation AMM protocol.

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