Ask for help from Vitalik Buterin, perhaps Russia is seriously considering Blockchain

Seemingly unable to lose to China in Blockchain innovation and development, Russia has decided to consider and apply this new technology seriously. And according to a video released in late December 2019 by Vicenews, the fastest way to access Blockchain technology is to find a very familiar figure in the cryptocurrency community – Vitalik Buterin.

Russia will strengthen Blockchain application in the future

Serge Gorkov is a chairman of VNESHECONOM Bank. This is Russia’s largest state-owned investment bank. In 2014, VNESHECONOM Bank encountered economic sanctions from the Obama administration. Even so, Serge might have found his way around these sanctions. And Blockchain seems to be the right answer for the current situation.


Sergey Gorkov, head and chairman of the VNESHECONOM Bank

As AZCoin News mentioned, the fastest way to access Blockchain technology is to approach Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum. To promote Blockchain innovation and develop a decentralized currency that will replace the dollar, Serge signed an agreement with Vitalik. As such, Vitalik’s role will now be that of supporting a new Blockchain research institute.

Besides, this agreement has another warning meaning that traditional banking activities may not exist forever. Blockchain is on the rise. When banks cease to live in their current form, a new kind of banking in the future will appear.

Sergey Gorkov states:

“Those who do not deal with Blockchain today will end the Stone Age after 20-30 years.”

As a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency community and his talent, Vitalik was welcomed as a king in Russia. They pulled out all the stops from private cars to the red carpet. However, the Russian government probably doesn’t need to. Vitalik is Russian even though he was raised in Canada. Therefore, maybe he will cooperate with his country to make it more developed.

President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Vitalik Buterin met

However, the meeting between Putin and Vitalik was not disclosed. However, when asked what he thought after meeting Putin and what the president wanted, Vitalik replied as follows:

“Putin will do whatever it takes to strengthen the Russian Economy.”

Vitalik’s answer is quite amusing. He did not disclose the details of the conversation but did not disappoint us. It is clear that Putin is seeking to strengthen the country by any means necessary, and fortunately, in this case, it is possible through the use of Blockchain. Vitalik said he took the time to give Putin an overview of the Ethereum project and what he is creating. Perhaps Vitalik is implying to provide Putin with the message of lifting the cryptocurrency ban. However, whether Putin receives the message or follows, it is another story.

Most people would agree at this point that Russia wants Blockchain and cryptocurrency to succeed. Because providing a cryptocurrency will serve to boost its economy through trade. This cryptocurrency will also undermine the power of the dollar when it intervenes in international trade. This will also reduce the effectiveness of sanctions that the United States may impose on Russia.

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